Film Reel


Jackson County Youth Center, Mural Detail

Determined 2 Make It

2016 Film by Gabrielle Pescador & Juan Javier Pescador

Music by the boys and girls of the Southeast Michigan Juvenile Justice System
with Ben Cohen, Akili Jackson and Yusuf Lateef of Radiant City.

Trans Being


“You don’t transition aloneYour family, your friends, society transitions with you.”

– Danica Criss

Antonia PicAntonia: A Chicana Story


55 min.

Directed by Luz Maria Gordillo & Juan Javier Pescador

Chris Rabideau


Just Because I Am: A Documentary on Homophobia and Youth

2011 Film by Gabrielle & Juan Javier Pescador. Pescador Arte, LLC and Windsor Pride Community Production

Music by Julie Leadbetter

Industry Mural, detailCOMING SOON: Detroit Tenochtitlan


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